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1 Feb 2016 - Kathryn Jones

I thoroughly recommend this website!

25 Jan 2016 - Em and Gaby

All the videos on the site mean that we can learn a lot about German culture and society. A big thank you from Em and Gabby in year 12.

13 Jan 2016 - Andrea

Fantastic site. There’s not a lot out there for German teachers. Keep up the good work! Andrea

8 Jan 2016 - Meg

Thank you for helping me revise for my mocks!!! 

10 Dec 2015 - Tina

Really useful! Thank you.

3 Dec 2015 - Rob Stewart

Hello there. I’d like to make a suggestion. It would be useful to be able to track pupils’ scores and progress especially when given exercises to do for homework. Thanks Rob Stewart

24 Nov 2015 - Amanda

Thank you for this website. It’s always the one I go to when I need to leave some cover work. Amanda

17 Nov 2015 - No name provided

Could you add some exercises for the new curriculum like you did for Zut?

5 Nov 2015 - Silke

Are you planning to make a primary version of Gut, Gut Junior? Silke

2 Nov 2015 - Paul
I am head of department for german for a school in England. Our department have taken keen interest i this website and along with the head master we would like to know if it is possible if you can download this webpage as a software to use.

24 Oct 2015 - Tom

I think Gut is a really good website. Tom Year 7

17 Oct 2015 - Amanda

I use the topic based videos a lot with my sixth form. Thank you! Keep them coming! Amanda

10 Oct 2015 - Mr John Walters

Is it correct that you get a free Spanish subscription if you’ve already got one for the French and the German?

9 Oct 2015 - Mrs Fayed

Is the site free during half-term? Mrs Fayed

25 Sep 2015 - Robert

When will you have news videos? Robert

18 Sep 2015 - Camille

Fab site! Camille

10 Sep 2015 - No name supplied

Why don’t you have a forum for teachers to share questions and ideas?

9 Sep 2015 - Denis

When are you planning to make your site compatible with ipads? Denis

2 Jul 2015 - Mrs Renaud

Could we have some more challenging exercises for GCSE, please?

25 Jun 2015 - German
thanks you very much for this creation. Good luck with your work i like it!