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We have converted all our exercises to html5 so that the site can be used on ipads, tablets and normal browsers.

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Catherine Murphy, June 2021

schoolzoneaward 5 Oct 2010

Sunday times

"If your child is stuck learning lists of German vocab, or how to unravel “der, die and das”, a visit to Gut is recommended. With familiar headings such as pets, food and clothes, a pupil starting out with the language should be able to find the topic they are working on. They can then feast on inter-active exercises as they wish. Different strategies work for different pupils, so the site’s range of approaches is really gut: there are writing, matching and crossword exercises, pictures, text and listening tasks. All offer the instant feedback that you do not enjoy in the classroom until books come back from teacher. A new site, Gut covers only years 7-9 (ages 12-14), but it shows that learning at home does not require a flashy “wow” factor when variety and good exercises are on offer."

1 Feb 2004

Shortlisted for "Best Online Learning Resource"

Shortlisted for "Best Online Learning Resource", BETT Awards

1 Jan 2004

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