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2 Dec 2017 - No name provided

Thank you for providing such a useful resource.

22 Nov 2017 - Matt

Lots of high quality resources. Very glad to have found this site.


5 Nov 2017 - Lea

Best £48 I’ve ever spent on online resources! It’s a lot harder to find decent online resources for German compared to French so thank you for all your material.



17 Oct 2017 - Becky

I’m so glad to have discovered your site. I’ve been looking for ages for a decent site with material for KS4. Gut is everything I was hoping for and more! Keep up the good work!


15 Oct 2017 - Jasna

Is there any way we can download the audio to practise offline? Thanks for your help.


26 Sep 2017 - Chris

The fact that your site is free in the evening is a great way to test the resources you provide. At least we know that what you see is what you get not like other websites that let you preview a really good topic and when you buy you realise that the rest is no way near as good. Sorry about the rant!


19 Sep 2017 - Felix

I don’t believe than one website can provide everything that a teacher needs but yours comes quite close with its wealth of material. Well done.


8 Sep 2017 - Joe

Really good for helping me to revise!


23 Jun 2017 - Silke

Gut is excellent value! 


4 Apr 2017 - Hannah

Could you let me know when we will be able to use the exercises from Gut on ipad, please? All our pupils will be issued with a ipad in September and I would really like to carry on using Gut which I find so helpful. Hope to hear from you soon.



14 Mar 2017 - Karen

Any progress on an Arabic version?


12 Mar 2017 - Angelique

Our school has just subscribed to Gut which a great website but I didn’t find it easy to subscribe online. I wasn’t sure if I was subscribing to Zut or Gut. Maybe it’s just me!


3 Mar 2017 - No name provided

I’d like to see a bit more authentic material for KS4, please.

20 Sep 2016 - hugh
I want more wordshoot

1 Feb 2016 - Kathryn Jones

I thoroughly recommend this website!

25 Jan 2016 - Em and Gaby

All the videos on the site mean that we can learn a lot about German culture and society. A big thank you from Em and Gabby in year 12.

13 Jan 2016 - Andrea

Fantastic site. There’s not a lot out there for German teachers. Keep up the good work! Andrea

8 Jan 2016 - Meg

Thank you for helping me revise for my mocks!!! 

10 Dec 2015 - Tina

Really useful! Thank you.

3 Dec 2015 - Rob Stewart

Hello there. I’d like to make a suggestion. It would be useful to be able to track pupils’ scores and progress especially when given exercises to do for homework. Thanks Rob Stewart