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24 Nov 2015 - Amanda

Thank you for this website. It’s always the one I go to when I need to leave some cover work. Amanda

17 Nov 2015 - No name provided

Could you add some exercises for the new curriculum like you did for Zut?

5 Nov 2015 - Silke

Are you planning to make a primary version of Gut, Gut Junior? Silke

2 Nov 2015 - Paul
I am head of department for german for a school in England. Our department have taken keen interest i this website and along with the head master we would like to know if it is possible if you can download this webpage as a software to use.

24 Oct 2015 - Tom

I think Gut is a really good website. Tom Year 7

17 Oct 2015 - Amanda

I use the topic based videos a lot with my sixth form. Thank you! Keep them coming! Amanda

10 Oct 2015 - Mr John Walters

Is it correct that you get a free Spanish subscription if you’ve already got one for the French and the German?

9 Oct 2015 - Mrs Fayed

Is the site free during half-term? Mrs Fayed

25 Sep 2015 - Robert

When will you have news videos? Robert

18 Sep 2015 - Camille

Fab site! Camille

10 Sep 2015 - No name supplied

Why don’t you have a forum for teachers to share questions and ideas?

9 Sep 2015 - Denis

When are you planning to make your site compatible with ipads? Denis

2 Jul 2015 - Mrs Renaud

Could we have some more challenging exercises for GCSE, please?

25 Jun 2015 - German
thanks you very much for this creation. Good luck with your work i like it!

10 Jun 2015 - Lisa

Do you think you’ll have an app for Gut soon?

18 May 2015 - No name supplied

Some links are broken  in your external links section

14 May 2015 - Mrs Catherine Martin

Just wanted to say thank you very much for your site. My son has used it a lot to help him revise for his GCSE, especially the listening exercises which are not easy to find on the internet, at least not ones with exercises to go with them. Thanks again.

13 May 2015 - Hannah

The material on this site is very good. Will certainly be subscribing soon. Hannah German teacher

6 May 2015 - William
Dear Sir/Madam I have found a spelling mistake on manic miner .Instead of arm it said "artm".

25 Apr 2015 - Mrs Jude Lawson

Your site is good but not exactly what I was looking for. I’m learning German from scratch and there are not enough rules or explanations.