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24 Apr 2015 - Craig

Your site format is easy to follow. I like that

12 Apr 2015 - Jody and Molly

Could you put some german songs on your site, pleaaase Jody and Molly, year 7

16 Mar 2015 - Phil

Impressive resource

14 Mar 2015 - Mr Johnson

This site offers a well-rounded approach to language learning Mr Johnson HoD

8 Mar 2015 - No name supplied

You need more exercises to practise speaking skills

1 Mar 2015 - A grateful mum

Your site was recommended to me by my daughter’s german teacher and I must say it’s been extremely useful, especially the vocab and pronunciation sections. Keep up the good work.

21 Feb 2015 - Annick

I’ve been on your site today for the first time and I’m very impressed! I shall certainly mention it in our next departmental meeting and hopefully subscribe soon after.

17 Feb 2015 - No name supplied

Any chance of a site for Italian?

2 Feb 2015 - Emma

At last some really fun exercises for pupils to do while following the curriculum closely. Well done! 

21 Jan 2015 - Martin

Very helpful site. Keep up the good work.

19 Jan 2015 - No name supplied
Hello I am a student at Henry Box and I was wondering if you could endeavor to try and add some prefect tense activities?. thankyou

6 Jan 2015 - Gavin

Good website, easy to navigate, exercises are fun and they are a lot of them.

10 Dec 2014 - Tom

This site is a great opportunity for me to practise what I have leart in class. Thank you.

2 Dec 2014 - Amy

Love the exercises! Is it possible to have a trial version? Amy, Sydney Australia

17 Nov 2014 - No name supplied

I ilke the fact that you don’t have any banners on your site. 

14 Nov 2014 - Maria

Thank you for this website. I particularly enjoy using your activities at the beginning of my lessons on the interactive whiteboard to recap the vocab from the previuos lessons.

3 Nov 2014 - Vanessa

Could you explain what the years stand for compared to American classes? Thanks

27 Oct 2014 - Isabella

Awesome resource!

22 Oct 2014 - Ella

Hey. Love the site, I use it a lot to revise. Do you think you could add some past papers with the correction to make it even easier for us to revise? Thank you!!!!

14 Oct 2014 - Holly

I thik your website is great. If my school can’t afford to subscribe, can I pay myself? Holly