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11 Oct 2014 - Hazel

Thank you for the new grammar exercises for KS4. Hazel

15 Sep 2014 - No name supplied

Gut is excellent value for money!

6 Sep 2014 - June Fletcher

Do you think you could add some translation exercises for KS5 like you have on Zut, please? June Fletcher hod

22 Aug 2014 - danny
great avenue for learning

29 Jun 2014 - David Davies

Do you think you could add some more grammar worksheets for A ‘level students, please?

12 Jun 2014 - Miss James

Just discovered your website. It’s fantastic! I shall definitely recommend to my A ‘level students, especially as they don’t have to pay to access your fab resources outside of school hours.

6 Jun 2014 - Tina

Thanks for all the hard work. Your material is great and extremely useful. Tina, German teacher

19 May 2014 - Heather Johns

Gut is a brilliant resource for busy teachers. I particularly enjoy the A ‘level material. Thank you.

17 May 2014 - Mark

This is an extremely comprehensive range of interactive activities.

11 May 2014 - Monika

Is it possible to keep track of the pupils’ progress? Thanks for your help.

3 May 2014 - No name supplied

This site is a great resource for teachers, maybe not so much for complete beginners but once you’ve got some notions of German, it’s very useful to practise.

29 Apr 2014 - Gareth

Hello, my name is Gareth and I’m in year 13. I think the fact that all your videos were originally created for a French audience is a real plus when learning a language. Well done.

19 Apr 2014 - Geeta

I just wanted to say that I really like the fact you keep adding new resources very regularly. There’s always some new stuff every time I come back to it. Keep up the good work.

15 Apr 2014 - Ilona

I like the fact that this site follows our curriculum quite closely. It means that I don’t have to adapt the exercises and the vocab used is very similar to what I teach my pupils unlike some other sites.

13 Apr 2014 - No name supplied

Very good website. Shame to have to pay for it.

7 Apr 2014 - Sian

A good illustration of how useful the Internet can be for language teachers. Thank you!

4 Feb 2014 - Joe

More grammar exercises for key stage 4, please!

23 Jan 2014 - Ben

I am a big supporter of using video for teaching and learning languages, so I was really to find all the topic based videos on your website. Keep them coming. 

13 Jan 2014 - Alasdair
Hello, I am a Year 10 student who has a review fir this site. This is a thouroughly excellent site, 1/1 (i.e. me) would use again. LOL. Seriously though, this is an excellent site, not just thos one but all of the languages. The site is concise, interesting, easy-to-use and the Sixth-form exercises are highly topical.

12 Jan 2014 - Nicky

I think this is an excellent website. Well done!