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9 Jan 2014 - Jonas

The score sheets are OK for evidence but it would be much better if there was a way for pupils’ score to be properly and automatically recorded. Something for the future maybe? 

7 Dec 2013 - Kate Miller, language teacher

Are you planning on creating an Arabic section? 

1 Dec 2013 - Anne

Do you think you could add the transcripts of the videos please? It really helps pupils when they get stuck on a question, especially when they work on their own.

15 Nov 2013 - John

Thank you for adding vocab sections for Year 12. They’re really useful.

1 Nov 2013 - Tanya

Great website! 

29 Oct 2013 - Jan

This site is quite cheap compared to some others out there. Jan

23 Oct 2013 - Emma

Found your website through a link on an education portal. Really glad I did. I’m sure I’m going to use it a lot with my GCSE pupils. Thank you! 

19 Oct 2013 - Dr H. Owens

Good site. Easy to navigate and well differentiated.

17 Sep 2013 - Gaby

Could we have more grammar exercises for KS5, please? Otherwise, really like the site.

14 Sep 2013 - Bruno

Definitely want to renew. We’ve used the site a lot this year. Could you send us an invoice, please?

9 Sep 2013 - Kristian

I’d like to congratulate the team on the range of topics and exercises. Really useful to have it all under one roof. 

23 Jun 2013 - Andrew

I use Gut very regularly. Just wanted to say thank you for a very useful resource. 

18 Jun 2013 - Philippe

I wish you would do videos based on German news like you have for Zut. I think a lot of teachers would find it really useful for KS5. 

2 Jun 2013 - Julia

The times between which you need to subscribe, are they based on UK times or my time?

8 May 2013 - louise
very good!!!

10 Apr 2013 - Tatiana
Hello from Australia. Is it possible to pay for this site using australian dollars? I'd really like to subscribe

5 Apr 2013 - Sue
I think the powerpoint presentations are excellent. It saves me so much time, it's great.

3 Apr 2013 - Debbie
I'm not sure how to renew, could you help please? We use the site all the time and I don't want the subscription to lapse.

27 Mar 2013 - Linda
I've just started using your site and I find it so useful! I particularly like the videos for Year 12 and 13. They're fab!

22 Mar 2013 - Cath
No money to register right now but will do as soon as the budgets are sorted!