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21 Mar 2013 - Alison
Thanks for renewing the subscription so quickly. I really wanted to use the site next week as I'm being observed by senior management! Wish me luck!

18 Mar 2013 - Sarah
Hi. Great site! Are you planning on some more grammar exercises for A'level?

11 Mar 2013 - Alan
I think £48.00 is excellent value for all the huge amount of material. Keep up the good work. Alan

7 Mar 2013 - Lisa
Thanks for this great resource. My KS4 pupils love it!

26 Feb 2013 - Debs
I like the fact that this website caters for all abilities. Well done.

17 Feb 2013 - Audrey
What a fantastic site! It's great consolidation for the pupils.

15 Feb 2013 - Gaby
I've used your site for my revision and its really helped me.

12 Feb 2013 - Lucy
The videos are great. I use them very regularly with my Year 13. They find it hard but they need the practice.

9 Feb 2013 - Carol
I just want to say that you've got a great, great site. Keep up the good work and wish you all the best

8 Feb 2013 - Adam
Excellent site. Getting better all the time.

2 Feb 2013 - Gid
I think the blue background works a lot better than the white. Good idea.

21 Jan 2013 - James
The activities in your website are fun and challenging

12 Jan 2013 - Anne
Please keep adding more topic videos for A'level. They're so useful!

11 Jan 2013 - Jessica
I like the new background. It looks more fun x

29 Nov 2012 - Tim
Hi. Just wanted to know when you're going to put up the great Christmas activities you had last year? Tim

13 Nov 2012 - No name supplied
Hiya. I used Gut to revise for my german test and I got a good grade! Thanx

13 Nov 2012 - Martin
My pupils love the new "wordshoot" exercises! Thanks

14 Oct 2012 - Matt
My German teacher told me about your website. I think it's easy to use and some of the games are real fun.

6 Oct 2012 - Eva
This site is fantastic and a must have for revision. Thank you !

12 Sep 2012 - Steve
The new exercises for GCSE are good fun