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14 Jun 2012 - Claire
My daughter used your website a lot to help her revise for her GCSE. It's been very useful. Thanks for making it free after school hours.

10 Jun 2012 - Katrina
These websites are brilliant. The activities are fantastic learning resources, and my pupils really enjoy using them. We are pleased that you have lots of languages - it would be great if you could create a Latin one as well! Thanks again!

18 May 2012 - Jane
fantastic website. I also teach Italian - are there any plans to do Italian materials as well ? Thanks

10 May 2012 - Bethany
this a good way of teaching young pupils to learn different modern foreign languages

3 May 2012 - David
This site is really helping me with my AS level revision

4 Apr 2012 - Ed
The vocab section are really good when you're learning German as a beginner like I am. Thank you.

14 Mar 2012 - Lisa
Just found your website. It's going to be so useful! All I need to do now is find the money for the subscription!

1 Mar 2012 - Kate
My teacher showed us your website. I like it. It's a good way to revise. thanks

11 Feb 2012 - Dylan
I like this site, it's fun and better than boring lessons

7 Feb 2012 - Fiona
We would also like to subscribe to the German and Spanish sites. There are so many good tasks I want to use with my students in the coming year!

25 Jan 2012 - Damian
Thanks for renewing the subscription so quickly - we (and our pupils) find the site very useful for all French, German and Spanish.

25 Jan 2012 - Pete
just wanted to drop you a quick email to say many thanks for the terrific Spanish, German and French material on your site. Its really helping the students i tutor. best wishes !

20 Jan 2012 - Patrick
This is a very user friendly site. Well done.

16 Jan 2012 - David
Cool website

21 Aug 2011 - Maddy
Thanks! This website is very resourceful for my German lessons at school. :)

1 Jun 2011 - Selena
I like this website it is really useful and its good for revision too. :)

18 Jan 2011 - marina
The games on theis programe are very helpful to the children who are learning the different languages for their age group! from marina

10 Jan 2011 - Paul
good material thanks

1 Oct 2010 - Peter
I am learning German .This site is very useful for me

23 May 2010 - Selena
I really like this site this really useful!!! thank you!!!