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16 Jul 2009 - Jess
I really enjoy playing on this website in school. It makes the lessons more fun :D

7 Jun 2009 - Danielle
This site is fantatsic not only for teachers but also for students, like myself, who struggle to find interactive language revision activities. I'm currently sitting my A-Levels in both french and german, and find both sites incredibly useful and fun aswell. Keep up the good work. Danielle

18 Mar 2009 - andy
good very good easy to navigate and the tasks are simple enough

5 Mar 2009 - Siobhan
Hi there, Congratulations on the site. I have been asked by my school to evaluate it and I have decided that we should register our department, as you have some fantastic activities here. Just some feedback on the images used - almost all of the people featured in the images on your presentations are white, and this doesn't reflect the students that I teach. I'm sure this is the case in many other large secondary schools across England. Can this be taken into account when designing material in the future? Thanks

4 Feb 2009 - Peter torrent
I teach German at a private Christian school. We've been working with lots of sites for a while now, trying to find ways to effectively use It in German lessons. This wonderful site of your is by far the best we have discovered for German

15 Jan 2009 - Charlie
Firstly just to say thanks very much for making this site! I find it really useful! Please may I ask when you'll be making the year 12 and year 13 grammar section live? Also, please may I make a suggestion. As well as the activities you already have on the site I think it would be really useful if you could upload past papers from the exam boards for GCSE and A-Level to practise all skills in a way which is more exam focussed.

9 Dec 2008 - Bekah
After only one semester in college, I have been teaching myself German for several years(painfully difficult!), and this GUT! website tops the list as far as quality AND entertainment go. Usually you can find one, but not the other. Uggg. I also really value the audio lessons. Very rare and hard to find on the net. Thank you for all the time and effort put into this site. Bekah, California

26 May 2008 - Gregory
I would just like to say congratulations. Finally I have found a site that caters for year 13 AQA German.

1 May 2008 - Jesse Read
This site is fantastic. It's just what I needed to practice my grammar and listening.

12 Apr 2008 - emma
i think that this is a really good website and help me with my german.

19 Mar 2008 - elena
Mein neime ist Elena, I am very impressed for the lesson. This ist the best programm for learning german. Ist very very gut!!! Tank you!!!

28 Nov 2007 - Jean
excellent website!

18 May 2007 - becky
the website is incredibally helpful and i will continue learning from it!! some questions though are not clear!!

27 Apr 2007 - claire
the website is really good!!! claire

25 Apr 2007 - kayleigh
i like this website it is gut because it has helped me out with my revision for my sats tests i didn't know about until the other day i have being doing very well in my german lessons dankeschon.

14 Mar 2007 - abbie b
its good and helps revise for big tests

13 Sep 2006 - shannon
hia im in year 8 and i enjoyed your site very much it was fun and it taught me something at the same time i know that the rest of my german class at royal manor arts collage enjoyed it aswell. from shannon  age 12

17 May 2006 - rachel
thank you so much for this fabulous sight it really helped me revise!!! :P

11 May 2006 - Jenny Cookson-Teall
I love the site! but I can't find anything on Beschreibungen (Logo 1, Unit 3) am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks Jenny

29 Mar 2006 - Rosie
I'l reccommend this site for mates who need help in German I give this site ten out of ten