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19 Mar 2006 - Charlie
When will the GCSE practise role plays be availible on gut? I would also like to say I am a GCSE student studying french, german and spanish and your websites are excelent!

14 Mar 2006 - francoise
your website looks very good and we would like to register for french, spanish and german, do we have to pay £40 for each language? thanks for your help

29 Jan 2006 - Anne
I love your games and as a recent subscriber find them invaluable for pracitisng topic vocabulary with my classes. We would love it if you could add some more fun grammar games e.g. for modal verbs and the tenses. Also if there were an easier way to find topics/ grammar without having to search through all the year groups. thanks. Keep up the good work

10 Jan 2006 - Charlie
This is a really great site. I use both gut and zut because I study both french and german. Please could you tell me if there will soon be german role plays on gut? Also, do you know any good websites that have good worksheets for french or german at GCSE level that are free? I already know about and Thanks so much for the fantastic site!

19 Nov 2005 - christina
hi your site is great but would it be possible to create score sheets for the other years apart from year 7? as they are really good and help to motivate you.

19 Aug 2005 - Joanna Warren

Dear Joanna and Catherine,
I teach German at a private Christian school in Sydney, Australia.
We've been working with various sites for a while now, trying to find ways to effectively use It in German lessons.
This wonderful site of your is by far the best we have discovered for German learners ages 12-15. I haven't yet looked at the older stages on yoiur site, but I'm sure they'll be useful too. It's written obviously by someone who knows what will work for young teenage learners. Congratulations from Australia!

13 Jun 2005 - Abi

great site it realy helps me revise for my test tommorrow

12 Jun 2005 - Bella

I think this website has been really useful in helping with my revision. I think it would be good if you could do vocabulary lists and hints. Thank you for a useful website. :-)

24 May 2005 - Helen

I have finally found a site that gives listening practice.
Thank you!

25 Apr 2005 - Sian Vaughan

This is a very fun and interactive way of learning German. I use it in my Key Stage three lessons and the children really enjoy the games. Vocabulary lists would be a great idea also some kind of testing activities

14 Apr 2005 - Marwa

i think this website is very good and it helps me both in german and french for my listening skills.
thankyou vermuch for this site

23 Mar 2005 - Victoria

this is a really good site. it really helped me on my german test and i will continue to use it.
Thank you for making this site!!!!
p.s it would be a good idea to do vocab lists.

18 Mar 2005 - adam

thanx for the great site!!!! this is really helping me with my german skills

24 Jan 2005 - Scott

Please can you create an italian/european portuguese version of these websites. They are fantastic, and i hope that they remain free unlike the Linguascope phenomenon. Please could you make some more Powerpoint Presentations because otherwise you cannot do the excercises if you don't know the vocab. And possibly show how to use this vocab in sentences with some Verb work. Thank you, (sorry for rambling on)

15 Jul 2004 - Nicky

This is the best language learning website I have ever come across. I have started using it in lessons with my interactive whiteboard and it has transformed my lessons and cut down on my prep time. Thank you!!!

19 Mar 2004 - Richard

I am 26 years old and I find learning german through this site easier than other methods. Thank you so much. Hopefully someday I will use your site to teach my children. Will your site expire if I do not subscribe'

18 Mar 2004 - Emma

hi! The site looks great, but i desperatly need Year 12 stuff, as there are no good german sites for people learning german at my level!
Please add this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emma :)

7 Mar 2004 - Sophie

Its amazing- helps me so much with my homework and makes revision so fun! the only negative thing i have to say about the site is that my Year 9 part doesn't work- nothing comes up on the scrren when i press it and because thats my syllabus its a shame! but the rest is greeeeat................. THANK YOU!

5 Dec 2003 - Cat

Great site! Even for adults! What a fun way to practice your language skills. Working for a German/American company, this is an interesting way to brush up on my basic skills. Definitely added to my favorites!

11 Oct 2003 - Rachelle-Sabine

This is a really helpful site but i think that a GCSE and A Level section are needed. Your french section is so good it would be a shame to let the oppurtunity of the same on your german site pass.
Thank You