About Us

Having worked as a teacher for the past fifteen years, I know exactly how people's motivation can start to flag after a while, be it for pupils or for teachers. E-learning is not the miracle solution, but I hope that this site will provide some help for teachers trying to motivate their pupils, and for pupils looking at a way to revise for tests or exams, or for anybody wanting to have some fun playing language games.

Between our 4 sites, we have over 8000 exercises for language teachers and learners, over 2500 of which are listening comprehensions using native speakers. They also include games, reading comprehensions, video-based exercises, podcasts etc.

Unlike other sites, we cover all the topics taught in schools and new exercises are added regularly. If your scheme of work is different from the one we follow, you might need to look under different years for the topic you’re looking for. We have a search facility to help you with this.

For KS4 and KS5, we have material which covers both the WJEC and AQA syllabus.

Between the hours of 9.00am and 4.00pm (your time), there is a 12-month registration fee. The rest of the time, the sites are free so you can check the whole content before buying or you can give homework without having to worry that students won’t be able to log in.

I hope you will find this site useful and enjoyable.

Please let me know how we can improve it in anyway.

Catherine Murphy (Language Skills founder)