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ZUT is a truly impressive and versatile French website which offers a wealth of activities and exercises in all four skills and to all students at Key Stage 3, 4 and 5.Overall this is a very accessible and motivating website, which provides over 1,000 activities which are not only refreshing, fun and stimulating but relevant to the students' needs.

Importantly it also covers opportunities for the learner to develop and apply ICT skills as required in the National Curriculum program of studies.

This is a must for all French departments.

Schoolzone evaluation
2 Dec 2004
Shortlisted for "Best Online Learning Resource"

BETT Awards
1 Jan 2004
"Reminding yourself of forgotten French becomes a joy with this highly interactive site. The layout is easy-peasy: find your level, choose a topic, such as food, holidays, or buying presents, then start practising. Instead of word lists to memorise, there are plenty of activities to attempt. Try word- and sound-matching exercises, listen to a conversation and work out what has been said, or use your mouse to fill in the missing words in puzzles. Your efforts will be marked by machine — and, for once, the feedback is helpful. Even with its hundreds of varied activities, ZUT helps with only parts of the syllabus, but it does so exceptionally well."

The Sunday Times
16 Feb 2003
"ZUT's French extension ZUT, the website for teachers and learners of French run by teacher Cath Murphy which was featured in this column last September, has been extended with a new AS and A-level section. And watch out for her new German service, with the provisional name GUT, which goes live in two to three months."

TES Teacher Magazine
14 Feb 2003
"This Week's Web Wizard"

Education World
16 Dec 2002
"ZUT alors! Qu'est-ce que c'est' It's Catherine Murphy's new website for her fellow French teachers. It features more than 400 inspirational French exercises that teachers can give their students. I also aims to help pupils revising for exams."

Internet Magazine
1 Oct 2002
"ZUT Alors, quelle website n'est-ce pas' Ouch. Help with French needed. Time to visit ZUT..."

TES Teacher Magazine
6 Sep 2002
"ZUT is well designed, is easy to navigate and has varied and useful content for teachers and students alike",

Topmarks Excellent Site Award
1 Aug 2002