Was hast du zum Frühstück gegessen?
Presentation on breakfast
Match up the German and English words
Match up the words and pictures
Write down the food in German
Fill in the gaps
Listen and then choose the right answer
Read the translation and fill in the gaps
Crosswords - Listen to the clues and write your answer down
Auf dem Markt
Presentation on euros
Presentation on food
Splat the teacher - fruit
Hangman on fruit
Memory game - fruit
Anagrams - fruit
Memory game - vegetables
Splat the teacher - food
Read the dialogue and choose the correct answer
Listen to the dialogue and fill in the text
Anagrams - food
Fruit and vegetables - Choose the right accentuated syllable
Other food - Choose the right accentuated syllable
Wordshoot - Fruit
Wordshoot - Vegetables
Vocab and pronunciation
At the market
Fruit and Vegetables
Meat products
What have you eaten for breakfast?
What do you like to eat?