Meine Schule
Match the English and the German words
Same as above but the words are hidden
Dunk the teacher
Read the text - true or false?
Listen and fill in the gaps
Meine Traumschule - Choose the right name
Das Schulleben - choose the right answer
Spell the words - you're being timed
Match up the words
Das Schulsystem
Decide whether the statements are true or false in the GERMAN school system
Match up to make correct sentences
Fill in the gaps
Listen and order the sentences
Match the words and the sounds
Listen and choose the correct answers
Match up the German and the English
Fill in the gaps
Read the text and choose the right answer
Welcher Schultyp?
Video - Gymnasium oder nicht: Stress für Schüler
Listen and choose the right answer
Match up the schools to the descriptions
Write in the correct school