Presentation on days of the week
Balloon game on days of the week
Anagrams - Days of the week
Memory game - days of the week
Presentation on the alphabet
Put the days of the week in the right order starting with Monday
Choose the correct answer
Alphabet - Match the letters and the sounds
What letter can you hear?
Days - Wordshoot
Listening - Choose the correct answer
Put the letters in alphabetical order
Read the text and choose the right answer
Crossword - Click on a number to see the clue
Choose the correct answer
Fill in the gaps
Days and months - Crosswords
Months - Wordshoot
Die Länder
Splat the teacher
Memory game
Crossword - Click on a number to see the clue
Listening - which country?
Choose the right accentuated syllable
Label the picture with the audio files
Wordsearch - Countries
Vocab and pronunciation
Talking about yourself
Talking about your birthday
Talking about countries