Word order and conjugations
Pluperfect tense - Fill in the gaps
Fill in the gaps using a conjugated version of the verbs below
Crosswords - Click on a number to see the clue
Prepositions and cases - choose the right case
Prepositions and cases - Choose the right case (more practice)
Fill in the gaps by translating the words in brackets
Relative pronouns - Match them up
Possessives - Fill in the gaps
Choose the right ending
Adjective endings - Can you correct the mistakes?
Other grammar points
Conjunctions - Choose the right answer
Interrogative Words - Crosswords
Adverbs and Adverbial Phrases - Fill in the gaps
Adverbs and Adverbial Phrases - Crosswords
Interrogative Words - Fill in the gaps
Dates - Crosswords
Weak nouns - Choose the right answer
Quantifiers - Crosswords
Intensifiers - Crosswords