Accusative or dative? Choose the right answer
Imperatives presentation - Can you change the statements into instructions?
Verb endings - Choose the right one from the drop-down menu
Separable/inseparable verbs - Choose between the two
Separable/inseparable verbs - Find the odd one out
Perfect tense - Choose between haben or sein
Perfect tense presentation. Can you change the sentences into the past tense?
Match verbs and past participles - Wordshoot
Past participles - Crosswords
Past time expressions - Wordshoot
Present, past and future tense - Find the correct tense
Modal verbs - Fill in the gaps
Modal verbs - More practice
Spelling separable verbs - Crosswords
Future tense - Wordshoot
Future time expressions - Wordshoot
Word order
Jumbled up sentences
Jumbled up sentences - more practice
Put the words in the right order
Other grammar points
Comparatives - Can you compare the two items?
Prepositions - Fill in the gaps by translating the word in bracket
Possessives - Fill in the gaps
Personal pronouns - Choose the right one